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Artist Statement

My passion for animating is largely attributed to the fact I have always enjoyed watching cartoons. Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny were an integral part of my childhood which later inspired me to draw. My hobby of drawing later became a hobby of animating which I decided would be beneficial if I went to school for it and turn it into a career.

My work is traditionally hand-drawn digital animation and is based around using a Wacom tablet and the Adobe Creative Suite. I feel like the paperless workflow suits my style in the sense that it’s very clean and organized. Working digitally has enabled me to work more fluidly between the various stages of production, keeping a close eye on where I am in the overall process. I have explored other paths such as 3D and have used CG in my work, but I am much more comfortable with 2D. I enjoy working in this medium because it lets me show character emotion more easily and it helps focus more on the story rather than making it look pretty.

Jeff Yandura started animating on his own in 2000 and won an award for Excellence in Media Production at the International Student Media Festival in Dallas, Texas, in 2002. He has worked as a Flash developer for 3 years while attending night classes at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. He graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Spring 2011. His work consists of 2D traditionally animated digital shorts. Currently he works at the World Class Manufacturing Academy for Chrysler as an interactive designer in eLearning.